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Leveraging the Engines of the Digital

Or How to Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Rise of the Machines

“Software is eating the world”.
“We should fear the rise of Artificial Intelligence”.
“We are about to achieve Quantum Supremacy”.
“Automation will take all our jobs”.

A little over ten years ago a major shift took place in the world of computing with the advent of the cloud. Suddenly, computing became radically inexpensive and flexible. It was a move reminiscent of when electricity became cheap and plentiful in the early 20th century as we moved from generators that served only a company or city block to centralized power plants that could serve entire cities and regions. This led to an explosion of new tools, processes and everyday life conveniences.

Likewise, since the advent of the cloud – these new engines of the digital – we are awash in tsunami of new digital capabilities driven by vast, seemingly unlimited pools of computing power. It can feel almost bewildering and overwhelming. But digital literacy is now essential. You are being asked to make digital choices all the time now. How do you equip yourself, the intelligent layperson, with enough knowledge to at least ask the right questions?

That’s what this blog is all about: helping you become more digitally fluent; expanding your view of how to leverage the potential of these new machines. The concepts are not hard to master but their consequences can be staggering. We’ll cut through the jargon and walk through each in bite-sized chunks. The digital technologies largely powered by the cloud are facilitating earth-shaking advances that will affect your work, your health, your children’s education, government and more.

Personally, should your store your photos in the cloud? What about backing up your computer to it? Business wise, what about that new cloud based accounting system – should we go with it? Are robots really going to take my job? What are we going to do with our key data that currently sits on old technology and expensive software? And, what in the world is quantum supremacy and should I care?

I started this blog out a few years ago focused primarily on the cloud, on the engines and how they worked. Events have moved on and the capabilities available at your fingertips are staggering. Example: do you want artificial intelligence to recognize and organize your pictures? Translate foreign languages? Find decorating ideas for your new apartment? Just go online and knock yourself out.

Please dive in, stay up with current postings but also search the archives when you come across a topic you would like to understand better. Naturally, feel free to contact me directly with your thoughts and questions.

In no time, when somebody refers to “software eating the world” you’ll understand.

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I consult and write on digital transformation in the enterprise, driven by the inexpensive and ubiquitous computing power of the cloud. Increasingly, all business leaders must attain a certain level of digital fluency and deal with these technical challenges. I can assist you in your journey. Please use these blogs to raise your awareness.

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