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All we seem to hear about is the shortage of developers, people who can code. Times are changing in response to this need. Ever hear of “Low Code” or “No Code”? Now you can modify and connect your applications, as needed without developers. Cloud makes this possible.

Can you use Excel? Know somebody on your team who can? You or they don’t need to be spreadsheet jockeys but just have a basic faculty. Guess what? In a couple of weeks, this is your answer to your shortage of developers. You do this by taking advantage of the Lo Code/No Code Movement through tools like QuickBase.

Quickbase and its kin basically provide a Graphic User interface (GUI) that enables you to drag and drop elements needed to get different SaaS programs to produce unique reports or to link with other programs to produce integrated data. These apps created by low- and no-code platforms are mostly hosted on the web and fill roles in eCommerce, sales, digital form filling, and other basic computing needs.

Now, keep in mind that this is not going to produce a brand new program to manage your big data research, but that’s not the point: it’s designed to fulfill business needs simply and quickly. The beauty of this approach is that often there is a disconnect between what the business wants and what IT thinks the business wants. Here the business can directly build the application to get exactly what it wants.

Sounds like a pretty good idea, doesn’t it? You bet it is and the market is responding. Clay Richardson, an analyst at Forrester, says: “We expect the demand for new apps will drive the low-code platforms market to grow at 50-60% YoY for the next three to four years.”

The big SaaS providers have recognized the need and responded as well. offers App Cloud Mobile. App Cloud is a one-stop shop for building, running, managing, and optimizing apps. Using the services included in the App Cloud you can build any kind of app, and connect it to all your systems.

The brave new world of cloud computing continues, enabling all kinds of organizations to raise the bar in performance and service to customers. Sure there is a shortage of developers but here is a way around it. What are you waiting for?

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